Studio Policy

Studio Policies 2016 - 2017

Financial Responsibilities

Tuition: Tuition is based on a 30 week school year.  This includes all private lessons, including computer lab, group lessons as scheduled and recitals.
Payment of Fees: Fees, payable in advance of lessons, are to be made in two equal payments at the beginning of each term.
Additional Fees: I will supply all music materials needed. Music should be paid for when given out or at the beginning of the following month. This will be noted in the student assignment notebook. Please check this on a regular basis.  You will also receive a monthly emailed statement from


Your tuition reserves your exclusive lesson time; it is payment for your course of music education.  Regular attendance at lessons and recitals is essential for the student's success.    Lessons may be rescheduled only with 24 hours notice.  Lessons will not be made up outside of regular studio hours. Check for available lesson times on your Music Teachers Helper Calendar
  • If the student cancels a rescheduled lesson, that lesson is forfeited.
  • Students who are ill must call or email by 9:00 am that morning
  • No lessons will be rescheduled for any reason for students who fail to call ahead of time.
  • Lessons missed by the teacher will always be made up.
  • There will be no refund of tuition for students cancelling before the end of the 16 week term.

Lesson Preparation

Daily practice is essential for progress in learning to play the piano. It is expected that the student will arrive having practiced as instructed and prepared for the lesson. To be successful, students must have the proper tools.  Those tools include:
  • A practice instrument which is in tune and in good working order.  Students using digital pianos should have a full set of 88, touch sensitive keys, and an integrated and fully functional damper pedal.  Electric keyboards are not acceptable practice instruments.
  • A pencil - sharpened and available at the piano.
  • A metronome - either mechanical or digital
  • Parental support in organizing practice time and providing a practice setting that is free from distraction.
  • Parents can help by checking the assignment notebook regularly to discuss directions (this is especially important for elementary students) and to check on progress made during the week.